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Dear friends:  

The past 30 years are just a flash moment in the long history, but for Yinxing people, it is a process of development and growth. Looking back, all sorts of feelings well up in our mind. Yinxing has grown from a small factory with merely several employees to a modern enterprise with an annual output value of over 100 million yuan, from a narrow factory building and simple processing equipment to a spacious and bright new factory area with rows of automated processing lines. This is what the Yinxing people have come through step by step. Now our products involve four categories, more than 200 product systems, and have 40 patented technologies.  

For more than 20 years, Yinxing has always been market-oriented and technology-backed with unanimously praised by the majority of users. Meanwhile, with the increasing investment in scientific research every year, Yinxing is committed to building China's largest malting system generation enterprise. Besides, we have built an excellent team that can provide clients with process consulting, process design, manufacturing, engineering installation, and debugging integration. The past is glorious, the future is difficult. In the face of today's challenges, Yinxing people dare to stand in the forefront and be the first of the industry. Market-oriented, relying on scientific and technological innovation, and based on scientific enterprise management.  

In the next 30 years, we will build Yinxing into an international well-known brand, let our products go to the world to provide our services to more clients, and make our enterprise management to the international level.  

Every step of Yinxing is inseparable from every good friend who cares and supports us. We are willing to go hand in hand with you to witness the bright future of Yinxing.