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Service Regulations

Service Regulations

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Service Content  


1.Pre-sale service

Free consultation services for clients.

Cooperate with the design institute or company to provide all blueprints of the equipment.  


2.In-sale service

The ordered equipment will be processed on time and in good quality, Meanwhile, the operation, installation and maintenance instructions of all equipment will be provided.

Assist in shipping the ordered equipment to the designated location. Provide acceptance specifications and reports after equipment installation.

Paid for installation, debugging and on-site equipment production. Provide part of blueprints, and select engineer and technician for on-site guidance if the clients has the processing ability.

Assist in contacting malt manufacturers to train operators.  


3.After-sale service

The clients are on call 365 days a year (no holidays) to assist in troubleshooting the faults while improperly handles occurs by clients during operation.

Responsible for organizing tracking services, establishing files, visiting clients, grasping the operation of the equipment, and ensuring the normal operation of the equipment.

Timely supply equipment spare parts for life, and can send parts to the site under special circumstances.

There are professional after-sales service personnel in our company who can arrive to the site in time to solve problems for clients.


4.Warranty period

Under normal operation, all equipment could be guaranteed for 12 months free of charge and maintained for life except electrical appliances.  


5.Service mailbox;


Equipment warranty content  

Malfunctions of the device under normal operation.

Under normal operation, bearings, motors, reducers, gears, and sprockets could be replaced and maintained for free.