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Storage of malt

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Sun yu cheng
2019/12/07 08:55
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Four key points of storage: "drying, pest prevention, rodent prevention and pollution prevention".
1. It is better to choose a ventilated, ventilated, dry and tidy independent environment.
2. Before warehousing, the warehouse shall be cleaned without dead corner and residue.
3. If there is any insect pest before, it needs to be disinfected.
4. If there is a separate large warehouse, it is suggested to select a professional insecticidal organization for fumigation treatment if conditions permit (it is strictly prohibited for unqualified personnel to operate);
5. Try to stay away from places with pungent smell and other strong taste.
6. The warehouse shall be kept clean and orderly and stored by category.
7. First in, first out to shorten the storage cycle. The best use time of malt is within 3 months.
1. It is better to have exhaust and dehumidification equipment.
2. It is isolated from the ground by means of pallets;
3. Isolate from the wall with a separation distance of at least 30-40 cm.
4. Make sure that there is no leakage point on the top.
5. Place desiccant.
(steeping trough)
1. Before warehousing, carry out organoleptic inspection on water and pests to prevent external pollution;
2. Different varieties shall be stored separately.
3. Keep the warehouse clean, clean, dry and free of insects;
4. In case of insect damage, it is suggested to use physical methods to deal with it when it is not serious: air drying + screening to remove the insect; in case of serious damage, it is not recommended to use this batch of malt.
(Germinating box)
1. Keep the warehouse clean and tidy to reduce the accumulation of sundries;
2. Timely clean up spilled materials;
3. There is no dead corner in the warehouse, and there are no holes in the walls and floors;
4. Glue rat board, mousetrap or other mousetrap facilities shall be placed at all entrances of the warehouse, and rat guard board shall be set at the entrance. The rat sticking board shall be replaced in time to prevent failure.
5. Even if rat disease is found, drug deratization cannot be carried out.
6. Check at any time and deal with the problems in time.
1. Avoid being placed in the same space with chemicals, strong taste and possible pollution.
2. Keep the warehouse well ventilated to avoid strong smell and infection.
3. Regular inspection and prevention. Timely discovery and treatment.