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How many kinds of Special Malt (Craft Malt)? What equipment can make Special Malt (Craft Malt)?

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Sun yu cheng
2019/12/08 16:31
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In recent years, some leading enterprises in beer and malt industry in the world have begun to launch medium and high-end beer series products, and gradually practice or determine the future refined beer strategy; with the growth of world's consumption capacity, refined beer has become a current popular trend.
With the rise of refined beer in recent years, the Special malt(Craft Malt) used for brewing beer is also rising rapidly.
The rise of Special malt(Craft Malt) makes the process control of Special malt(Craft Malt) become more and more important. With the passage of time, although the process of roasting different kinds of Special malt(Craft Malt) is different, the basic process has no need to explore and is fully mature.
Different malts, such as burnt malt, deep burnt malt, light burnt malt, light crystal malt, deep crystal malt, red malt, Chocolate Malt, coffee malt, black malt, can be used to produce different flavors of refined beer.
Next, Yinxing group will take you to know the types of Special malt(Craft Malt) and some sample pictures taken during on-site roasting
Black malt
(black malt)
(visual inspection and Discussion on the quality of black malt)
Black malt belongs to dark malt, which has complex fragrance and is a kind of smoky or burnt flavor. The appearance of black malt is basically pure black, which can effectively enhance the flavor of beer. Black malt is the main auxiliary material for producing black beer. Black malt is roastingd in a Special malt(Craft Malt) roasting system at high temperature. At high temperature, the technical requirements are very high, and it is difficult to control. If the control is not good, it will appear, dry, burning, carbonization and other situations. At present, the color of the black malt produced by the new technology can reach 1350ebc, which can save the consumption of the black malt for brewing the refined beer.
Scorched malt
(Scorched malt)
There are two kinds of burnt malt: deep and light. It is roastingd in a Special malt(Craft Malt) roasting system at high temperature. In the national standard, its chromaticity is between 40-150ebc. Because of the Maillard reaction at high temperature, the malt has a smell of bread and biscuit, and is conducive to improving the beer's body, bubble characteristics and abiotic stability. It is widely used in the upper beer and the lower beer. When the temperature is high, it is one General process is also difficult to control.
Coffee malt
(espresso MALT)
(light coffee MALT)
Coffee malt has the bitter flavor of coffee. Its color is deep and the flavor is complex. It is roastingd by Special malt(Craft Malt) roasting system at high temperature. It is difficult to control at high temperature. It can be divided into light coffee, coffee and dark coffee. This kind of heavily roastingd malt can make dark beer have a taste of coffee or burnt. General dark beer adds coffee malt and other flavor substances It will have the flavor and taste of coffee malt.
Chocolate Malt 
(Chocolate Malt)
Chocolate Malt has the bitter flavor of chocolate. Its color is deep and the flavor is complex. It is roastingd by Special malt(Craft Malt) roasting system at high temperature, which is difficult to control at high temperature. This kind of heavily roastingd malt can make dark beer with the flavor of chocolate or nut roasting. The general dark beer with Chocolate Malt and other flavor substances will have complex wind Taste and taste.
Crystallized malt
(crystal malt broken)
(crystallized malt)
The color of the crystal malt is generally bright and red. During the process of roasting, the malt is completely saccharified, and the malt has a very strong taste, as well as a light and deep difference. Generally, it is used in red beer, Al beer and black beer. The malt has a strong caramel flavor, while the beer has a strong caramel flavor, and the taste is smooth.
Good Special malt(Craft Malt) roasting equipment is indispensable for good Special malt(Craft Malt) Manufacturing. 310S food grade stainless steel material is used at the position where the Special malt(Craft Malt) roasting system manufactured by Yinxing company is in direct contact with malt, and imported bearing with high temperature resistance is used at the key rotating position. The roasting system can achieve the capacity of roasting multiple batches in a day or 24-hour production.
(Special malt(Craft Malt) roasting system)
We use a high-precision temperature thermometer equipped with a full set of automatic control system to provide manual, automatic and two operation modes and can switch freely, centralized remote control, real-time large screen monitoring equipment operation status and connect to the alarm information. We have realized the fool type one key import, fool type one key start automatic roasting, later one key output.
We use batch big data collection, after inputting batch number, each batch data will be recorded automatically, and batch roasting data can be queried with one key
Our automatic system has reached the goal that the Special malt(Craft Malt) production line only needs one person to feed, roasting and pack, which greatly reduces the manpower and material resources. We can directly measure the temperature in the Special malt(Craft Malt) drum to ensure the accuracy of the temperature. The company can adopt various heating modes such as electric heating, natural gas heating and diesel heating according to the needs of different users, so as to save every time for users money
Safe and reliable drum airtight non pressure design, multiple protection, internal insulation materials, internal temperature can withstand 1000 degrees high temperature, external temperature normal temperature.
We use frequency converter with adjustable frequency conversion, high stability and long life, continuous industrial grade, large torque and braking, and imported reducer to ensure the equipment can operate continuously and stably for a long time, and equipped with a complete set of conveying, dedusting, storage and cooling equipment.
We independently developed and produced the first generation of Special malt(Craft Malt) roasting system 15 years ago.
And then upgrade to the second generation.
In 2016, after careful research and design, Yinxing produced the third generation of Special malt(Craft Malt) roasting system, family Special malt(Craft Malt) equipment and Special malt(Craft Malt) small-scale experimental machine. So far, we have applied for dozens of patents, which can produce all kinds of Special malt(Craft Malt). After more than 400 batches of roasting, we also independently produced the automatic control of Special malt(Craft Malt) roasting system according to the needs of Special malt(Craft Malt) The system also fills the gap in the history of China's Special malt(Craft Malt) equipment. The system is mainly designed according to the needs of malt production process, serving the batch production of Special malt(Craft Malt) workshop for brewing beer.
Special malt(Craft Malt) small machine (family Special malt(Craft Malt) roasting system) is a kind of Special malt(Craft Malt) equipment designed mainly according to the needs of the production process of brewing beer malt.  It is mainly used in the manufacture of Special malt(Craft Malt) for home brewing beer, and also can be used in the laboratory of large breweries. It can produce almost all kinds of high-end brewed malt, such as coffee malt, crystal malt and black malt. The machine is made of stainless steel, electric heating and automatic control of human-machine interface. In the process of roasting, we can control the temperature, the amount of steam, the amount of water and the roasting time according to the requirements of customers. It has the advantages of good roasting quality, no environmental pollution and good economic benefits. Our company has provided supporting services to more than 20 companies including Qingdao beer company, yongshuntai (Changle), Dalian Xingze malt, etc.
(family Special malt(Craft Malt) equipment, 20kg)